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     DABUT 2009 Recap

Time to celebrate three consecutive years of nice DaBUT weather!! (I know, I'm totally jinxing it). To mix things up, we got rid of all the play-disrupting, brain-erasing, fun-killing beer and introduced The Endzone Monster (see all the people in masks in the pics linked below). Here's a bit of the action:

With 14 teams, we got creative with the brackets (top 4 played for DaBUT Champ, the bottom 4 played for the Bootylicious Award, and the middle 6 played for pride). Ward's Team (a total misnomer since Ward himself is half way around the country) beat Hot Lunch (2005 DaBUT champs) in the finals, while Rooster on Fire! and Reefburners rounded out the top 4 teams.

The middle bracket featured some dedication to finishing up any remaining "beer." We finally got the two pink teams (Dr. Loveglove and the Passion Fruits versus Delicious Parts) to match up against one another (and yes they both stayed in pink). GHUT waved a flag over Mae Be Sandy (literally) while Two Minutes in Heaven played Scrooge McHuck.

Shaolin Bloody Stool (complete with stool) provided the soundtrack for the day with a boombox that probably should have stopped working in the early nineties. They played Dinosaur points with Skidmarks before playing Elbowskin Cowboys in the Bootylicious bracket final. Elbowskin took home the trophy as Skidmarks and Brown Chicken Brown Cow, who strangely enough both wore white all day, played for last place.

I loaded a bunch of the pictures I took here. If you have any fun pics to post, send them to and I'll post them. See you all next year with more sand, bacon tats, and (hopefully) open containers)!

The Champs - Ward's Team!!