WherePR Newswire / Washington DC / September 5, 2005 – WAFC formally announced the 2005 DC – Annapolis Beach Ultimate Tournament (DA BUT). “Years ago we heard rumors of an unsanctioned tournament being played in the far reaches of DC where alcohol and unorthodox ultimate rules reigned. We should have paid attention because the DABUT organizers now preside over WAFC. We don’t know how this happened,” said an anonymous WAFC board member. When asked about DABUT, current GHUT player Bill McNary stated, “I remember DABUT: the burnt hamburgers, Super Girl, boat races, and the dead fish washing up onto the beach. I would take lonely walks on the sand with my Bigfoot after DABUT was canceled. Now that DABUT is back, I feel like my life has new meaning.”

Associated Press / Washington DC / August 14, 2001 - The IOC working in conjunction with the BBC and EEOC has selected Sandy Point State Park as the site of a one-day Fall Beach Ultimate Tournament. The commission selected Sandy Point State Park over the other finalist, Beijing, China. Commission director, Helmut Grinewitschus, stated "We are delighted to bring Beach Ultimate to the Washington DC metro area." Although Beijing offered to build a beach ultimate stadium, its proximity to DC appeared to hurt the city's chances. Moreover, Sandy Point permits alcohol on its beaches, which surprisingly carried significant weight with the IOC advisory committee consisting of GHUT team members. When asked to comment, GHUT representative Bill McNary responded "Drinking from a keg on the beach while occasionally playing ultimate. This has the potential to be better than Cats."

Associated Press / Washington DC / September 4, 2001 - Excitement builds as the DC-Annapolis Beach Ultimate Tournament (DA BUT) nears. With only 4 weeks until the Fall tournament, final preparations by organizers and teams have begun. Months of planning will come to fruition on September 29th - tournament organizers fully expect DA BUT to be bigger and better than last year. Helmut Grinewitschus, Temporary Deputy Assistant Director of Tournament Covert Operations, stated "this is the most significant event in the Bay area since Cheap Trick played at Maryland's Bowie State University in 1987." As of September 3rd, 8 teams have secured bids to compete in the 1-day beach tournament, taking place at Sandy Point State Park (about 40 minutes from DC on the Chesapeake Bay). While some teams expect to rely on years of experience, others hope to increase their chances of success through practice and hard work. Jay Gelman, captain of the 1644 In Tha' House squad, commented on his team's grueling training regime: "We want to peak at just the right time, so my team has steadily increased its beer consumption. By tournament time I expect we'll have the drinking stamina to compete with anyone." Although Gelman wouldn't reveal all of his training methods, he hinted that to prepare for playing on the beach he requires his players to watch 3 episodes of Bay Watch each week. Only time will tell if teams have adequately prepared for DA BUT.
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