Where2001 Champion: Team Schaeffer!
 Format/RulesThe 2001 tourney was the best DA BUT yet. A combination of sunny fall weather, competitive play, intermittent boat races, and bbqing cemented DA BUT's reputation as the premier beach ultimate tournament in the Washington, DC metro region.

After a morning of tough play, GHUT, Team Schaeffer, Petra, and Monkey Love Potion advanced to the semis. A determined Schaeffer squad upended the infamous GHUT team and advanced to the finals. On the other side, Monkey Love Potion, in a come-from-behind desperation move, challenged Petra to a boat race. The underdog drinkers, Petra, held firm, winning the boat race and advancing to the finals. The many fans in attendance witnessed a classic showdown between two well-balanced teams. With daylight fading, it came down to a next point wins situation, and Schaeffer didn't disappoint.
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