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     DA BUT 2007 Recap

Great weather, 11 fun and spirited teams, and flip cup…another fine year for DABUT. The traditional 2 point boat race rule was in effect. A twist in the rules this year allowed teams to play 5 on 4 by using a limited supply of chocolates. The 5 on 4 rule helped Boat Race or Die come from behind in a 9-10 game and propelled them into the Semi Finals. Joining them in the semis was Space Monkey Mafia (Catholic University), Seattle Bound (Baltimore), and Metal Detectors. Space Monkey Mafia and Boat Race or Die battled in the finals. Boat Race or Die stayed in the game with a little help of their name sake, but the continuous layout Ds from Space Monkey Mafia propelled them to the 11-10 win. In a battle of the winless, The Butt-Rods faced off with the Not-Rods. Rod McCracken strategically challenged the Butt-Rods to Jagermeister boat races, incapacitating the Butt-Rods for the rest of the game and insuring the Not-Rods the 2nd to last place award. The furthest traveled and best hat award goes to Lisa Berman and the Junk and the Trunk team who made the trek from Richmond wearing the animal kingdom on their heads. Team MBAG (American University) got the hard luck award by first having a player defect to Seattle Bound and then playing 3 of the 4 semi final teams. Unofficial spirit awards go to Marika’s Booty Pirates who were heard chanting pirate songs throughout the day and Dimity’s MonStars who discovered Grey Geese at DABUT. Huck Norris, Booty, and the MonStars among others started a new lunch time tradition…flip cup

The Champions - Space Monkey Mafia

2nd Place - Boat Race Us or Die

Finals Boat Race

Team Booty Pirates

Team Booty Pirates - Backside Pride

Huck Norris

Junk In the Trunk


Seattle Bound

Butt-Rods and No-Rods

Catch by a Butt-Rod


Flip Cup

Hand Shake