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 ReviewsThe field of 8 participating in the 2002 DA BUT was the strongest, most talented, and best looking to date. A sunny 75 degree day set the stage for a day of hard play and hard drinking.

Pool play began around 10:45 with A bracket, consisting of Monkey Love, Doing Tha' But, Pinky Gonads, and GHUT squaring off in round robin matches. Monkey Love demonstrated quickly they were the team to beat with an early win over GHUT. In other action, the talented Pinky Gonad team struggled to gel and lost to Doin Tha' But. Monkey Love emerged undefeated as the victor of A bracket, while GHUT managed 2 victories to stumble into the 2nd round.

B Bracket featured Boobies, Team Schaeffer, 1644 in Tha' House, and Undertoad. Perennial powerhouse Team Schaeffer had little trouble winning the bracket. The grudge match of the day (Boobies vs. 1644) didn't disappoint as the game came down to a next point wins situation. Despite an early big lead, the Boobies began to sag and 1644 left the field victorious. Although Undertoad was a last minute replacement for team Petra (which scratched because team captain Dave Ross had to check himself into the Betty Ford clinic), the late entry solid offense and defense carried them into the second round.

The semis featured Monkey Love vs. Undertoad and a 2001 re-match of GHUT vs. Team Schaeffer. A sluggish Monkey Love team was unable to find the winning touch they perfected earlier in pool play and lost to Undertoad. GHUT, expecting a quick loss to Schaeffer, continued to drink heavily up to and during the game. However, the ultimate gods decided it was GHUT's day as play after play went their way. Schaeffer kept the game close by winning a 2 point boat race challenge, but GHUT countered with a 2-point end zone to end zone score. In the end, an inebriated and stunned GHUT team stood victorious.

A surprised audience began to crowd around the main field waiting for the two unlikely finalists, team GHUT and team Undertoad, to begin play. The game started and the teams began to trade points. At 50-1 to odds, few gave GHUT much of a chance to win it all and yet the team was just points from victory. Once again the boat race proved to be GHUT's achilles heal as Undertoad issued the challenge and won. With the game tied and a next point situation at hand the frenzied crowd waited in anticipation for the final pull. GHUT fielded the pull and 4 throws later scored the winning point. GHUT's 2002 victory will undoubtedly go down as perhaps the greatest upset in DA BUT history.
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