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     DA BUT 2006 Recap

DABUT 2006 began as a rainy, windy, and cold day; thankfully the fields were not under water and the rain subsided in the morning. Team Thunder Hooves and Kudzu Fighters dominated pool play and eventually met in the finals. Kudzu Fighters built a significant point advantage in the finals. Thunder Hooves fought back and called for a boat race at 8-10. Thunder won the boat race to tie the game. Going upwind, Kim Lundemade a phenomenal layout for the score and the Thunder Hooves win.

The Champions - Thunder Hooves

2nd To Last - Massive Dump

Unofficial Spirit Award - Da ButDart Monks

Team GHUT - Most noted for their female boat racing team.

Pirates - Unofficial Spirit Award

Huck Norris - Unbeaten in boat races

The Dart Monk women take over

The pivotal championship boat race

The ecstasy of winning

More ecstasy

Behind the back?

All female race

Massive Dump