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07 Tourney Recap
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     DA BUT 2008 Recap

We had another great year for DABUT. The sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and at least half the teams came in orange. To my knowledge this was the first year not one, but two teams brought kegs, and one team (the Xtacles) brought their own table for drinking games. DABUT 08 also featured a traveling beach team, the Reefburners, who came from all over the eastern seaboard, and many teams sporting sexy iron-on DABUT Jerseys.

Twelve teams came together, playing 3 games in a scramble format, then splitting into three 4-team brackets to play for the championship, 2nd to last, and the middle bracket. In the semis, Already Wet beat the Fearsome Sandcrabs while Shaolin Subliminal battled against Your Momís a Beach, winning a bid to the finals 17-15. Already Wet came out on top, winning the finals 11-4.

In the lower bracket, JACHammer and Not In broke out the discs, mini tanks, and blazing orange jerseys. While Not In came out on top, JACHammer did bring the biggest keg of the day and a party van.

Some pictures from this year are but there are many more here. My apologies for not getting pictures of every team. If you have one to post, send it to

The Champs - Already Wet

Semi Finalist - Fearsome Sandcrabs

Sandcastle o' the Day

Ladies from Not In and Xtacles

Nice step out

Up! and Elbow Skin Cowboys have some post game fun

Big Huck hucks it

The Official Reefburners jersey

Mavericks and Big Huck attempt to take a group picture