WhereWhat people are saying:
 Format/Rules"Playing Beach Ultimate is a lot more fun than watching the stock market tank." -Wall Street
 Press releases"The Eagles are playing DaBUT so we'll be used to losing in Washington this season." - Michael Vick
 01 Tourney Recap
 02 Tourney Recap 
 05 Tourney Recap"DABUT is fierce. It makes Wildwood look like a hot mess." - Christian Soriano
 "My six-pack abs and I come to DABUT all the time. This year, I'll be bringing all 8 gold medals." - Michael Phelps
 "The kids have two full lines and will dominate DaBUT" - Octomom
"The creators of DA BUT produced a fine event. They followed the recipe exactly by 1) Illegally selling stock to generate funds to hold the event, 2) Mixing 1 part sandy beach with 2 parts beer and pizza, and 4) Sprinkling in a generous helping of ultimate players. There you have it, the perfect beach ultimate treat." - Martha Stewart

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