Where4 vs. 4 (2 men/2 women per side)
  • There is no limit on team size.
  • Games to 11 points. Each team will play at least 3 games (scramble format). Top 2 teams will play for DABUT Championship.
  • Each team is allowed one time out per half.
  • Games start with a player from each team , throwing a disc from one endzone to the other endzone, trying to get it as close to the back line. The team that is closer to the back line wins the choice of sides or possession of disc (this is in lieu of a flip of the disc).
  • Each game is started with a pull of the disc. Pulls must be an inverted type throw. Example: Hammer, Scuber, or etc.
  • If the pull of the disc lands out of bounds, then the Brick Mark is 10 yards up from the goal line.
  • The Stall Count is 6 seconds. The Marker must be within 3 yards of the Thrower to initiate the count. A stall can either be called after the Marker says, "5 ...6" or "5 stalling 6". As long as the Marker gives the Thrower a full second after 5, it is a stall. A fast count goes back 2 seconds.
  • Scoring: One point is scored when a disc is thrown from anywhere on the playing field and is caught in the endzone by a teammate. Two points are scored when a disc is thrown from one endzone and is caught in the opposite endzone by a teammate. The Thrower's pivot foot must be on or behind the goal line.
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     Several unique DA BUT rules will be utilized as well. Explanation at the captain's meeting.
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