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     DA BUT 2005 Recap

8 teams showed up amidst the 5 inches of rain to compete for the coveted DABUT 2005 trophy. After 3 games of round robin play, Bar Crawl and The Worm faced off in the finals. It was a wetly contested match that saw The Worm race to a quick 7-2 lead. Bar Crawl strategically called for a boat race which they promptly won to shrink The Worm's lead to 7-4. However, The Worm's talent was just too much, and they reeled of the final two points to take the tournament.

The Champions - The Worm

The Finalists - Bar Crawl

Spirit Award - Flying Monkeys

Thanks to all the teams who attended DABUT 2005. More photos from the tournament are below. Thanks to Tim Herbert for taking these fantastic shots.

A Boatrace between Team Intensity and Flying Monkeys

Flying Dogs

Getting it on with the championship trophy

Two members of Ghut are prepared for the weather

Team Intensity on the line

Monkey Knife Fight

Pretourney drinking - something to prepare for the weather

A sideline. It was a challenge to find dry spots on the beach.