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     DA BUT 2005 Teams

Bar Crawl Bar Crawl hails from the rough streets of Georgetown- specifically, Wisconsin and M. The majority of the team is comprised of servers that work together in the Georgetown pub "Nathans". In their year of working together as a team on the restaurant floor, they have managed to learn.... NOTHING about working as a unit on the field. To numb this pain the team has developed a love/hate relationship with booze, minus the hate. Practices are concluded at bars, games are preceded by mimosas. The fillers of Bar Crawl are all college or club nationals level players who have been seduced by the sweet smell of bar.

Big Wheel This team, consisting of the bodyguards of former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, hopes to make its presence felt right from the start of DABUT 2005. Known for their marathon keg stands and indiscriminate assassination attempts, Big Wheel will be a force to be reckoned with on the beach.

Flying Dogs This group of DC area ultimate players drinks first and asks questions later. Their practices often end before they start, as the team can't seem to find the motivation to put down their 40s and get up from their lawn chairs. The DABUT consortium salutes this cavalier attitute towards ultimate and looks to see great things from this team at DABUT 2005.

Flying Monkeys The bastard child of Flying Dogs and Monkey Knife Fight, Flying Monkeys (aka Dog Knife Fight) is hoping to overcome its illegitimate beginnings to be a force at DABUT 2005. Like Oliver Twist, Dick Cheney, and so many others, Flying Monkeys scratches and claws its way through a meager existence in hopes of magically coming out on top.

GHUT After winning DABUT 2002, GHUT refused to leave ultimate while on top. Like Emmit Smith and the Kansas City Royals, it GHUT staggered through three years of broken dreams and loss after loss. At DABUT 2005, GHUT hopes to regain the championship drinking and playing form from 2002.

Monkey Knife Fight Traditionally, Monkey Knife Fights were held deep in the dark cargo holds of pirate ships plying international waters, beyond the reach of all law and morality. These original MKFs were fights to the death, with sailors wagering their life savings (often little more than a sack of worm-ridden biscuits and an orange peel) on the grim outcome. The evolution of Monkey Knife Fight from these shadowy origins to its present incarnation as an ultimate frisbee team from Charlottesville, Virginia, is, needless to say, a long story that involves an attractive monkey, a lonely pirate and the timely discovery of plastic. The important thing to know is that the monkeys who survived knife fights did so by flinging poop into their opponents' eyes, and through a bit of fortunate Darwinianism it turns out that a poop-fling is exactly the same motion as an inside-out flick. Monkey Knife Fight no longer battles for their lives, but for pride and banana-flavored beer.

Team INTENSITY A team full of regular pick-up players from Washington, DC who love the way the sand feels on their bare feet. The team's name comes from their intense concentration on not spilling their beers while running after the disc.

The Worm Although this band of hearty ultimate players, with strong legs, big hearts, and a penchant for sand is making their first appearance in DABUT, they may just be the early favorites to take the DABUT 2005 title. The Worm consists of a motley crew from Annapolis All-Stars, Bnogo, His&Hers, and others. When playing The Worm, look for plenty of scoobers and the never-before-seen, top-secret upside-down backwards thumber.