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 Pre-Tourney Team Write-ups

Team Schaeffer The 2001 champions, led by captain Josie Dristy, will face stiff competition in their bid to become DA BUT’s first repeat champions. Although winning the DA BUT crown brought untold riches, endorsements, shoe contracts, and cameos, many Schaeffer players have had trouble coping with the newfound success. In one sad episode, Schaeffer star Ryan Banach was caught stealing a Gucci purse from Bloomingdale's. Later, the troubled youth claimed he stole the purse because he thought it would be a handy to carry discs.

Petra As the 2001 runner-ups, the bitterness of a 1 point loss still lingers for the Petra squad. Once known for end zone drills and discipline, Petra has since evolved into an out of control party squad. It’s a classic case of good team gone bad. When asked to respond, their inebriated captain Dave Ross mumbled “Petrah ish da bestist…now gimme anoter forty.”

GHUT Can GHUT win a boat race? Will GHUT have enough players? Will GHUT have the heaviest team on the field? Are GHUT’s best days behind it? With so many questions surrounding the GHUT camp, it’s safe to say the odds are not in their favor for a return to the quarters.

Monkey Love A semifinalist from 2001, Monkey Love has all the pieces in place to make a serious run at the title. With the highest concentration of soon-to-be attorneys, Monkey Love is not afraid to resort to hardball tactics. In fact, captain Dean Restivo has already informed DA BUT communications staff that a libel suit has been filed for the previous sentence.

1644 in tha House When things didn’t work out between himself and ‘friend’ Anthony Drake (captain of the Boobies), a jilted Gelman vowed to lead his 1644 in tha House squad to victory over the Boobies. This could be the grudge match to watch! The 1644 in tha House squad made several off-season acquisitions which should help improve their level of play. Gelman is on record saying that he plans to use the controversial 4 camelback offense (developed by Brian Boitano), in what could be the greatest ultimate feat since the 1 camelback offense of 2001.

Boobies A newcomer to DA BUT, the Boobies squad has high hopes as they will attempt to bust through to the second round. When asked to comment on his team’s readiness, captain Anthony Drake said “My team is blossoming nicely - I expect we’ll be as perky as a little girl come game day.” Drake went on to say “From what I’ve heard, DA BUT maybe the greatest beach tournament in the Washington DC metro area. I expect it will be a titillating experience for myself and the rest of the Boobies.”

Doing the But Another newcomer to DA BUT. Team Doing tha But, led by captain John Kim, could be in for a truly life changing experience. For many, playing in DA BUT often results in an almost religious dedication to beach ultimate.

Pinky Gonads Rounding out the list of first timers, Pinky Gonads will test their metal against a field hungry for an easy win. Little is known about the ‘Nads (as they like to be called), other than that they hail from College Park, Maryland. When questioned about the name, an elusive Anname Phann (team captain), responded “Go ‘Nads.”
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