WhereWhat the Critics Say:
 Format/Rules"Throwing plastic things on the beach. That's Hot." -Paris Hilton
 Press releases"I only need $70 to win DaBut. Thats a bargain compared to Iowa." - John McCain
 01 Tourney Recap
 02 Tourney Recap 
 05 Tourney Recap"I came to play in 2003, but no one else showed up?" - Hurricane Isabel
 "Play DA BUT you will. You must unlearn what you have learned about other beach tournaments. Size matters not when it comes to disc." - Yoda
"The creators of DA BUT produced a fine event. They followed the recipe exactly by 1). Illegally selling stock to generate funds to hold the event, 2). Mixing 1 part sandy beach, 3) With 2 parts beer and bbq, and 4) Sprinkling in a generous helping of ultimate players. There you have it, the perfect beach ultimate treat." - Martha Stewart

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